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What is your most consistent attitude toward hair?
It's a nuisance to be tolerated | 22%
It's one of my favorite beauty assets | 78%

Which cut is most flattering on Asian women?
Short | 13%
Shoulder-length | 42%
Long | 45%

What is your favorite hair treatment?
Highlighting/streaking | 38%
Coloring | 11%
Therapy/conditioning | 43%
Other/No Response
| 8%

Which of the following is your biggest hair headache?
Finding a good stylist | 38%
Dos that fall apart when you leave the salon | 9%
Coping with tired hair | 28%
Trying to blow-dry layered hair | 12%
Split ends | 13%

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     Asian women need body to their hair. I have been working in a beauty salon for 6 years and I would suggest they let their hair grow out and get it in layers. I would reccomend Loreal add-in body.

     Most people consider Asian women's hair to be smooth and perfect, well they're wrong! Not all Asian women have that kind of hair! God knowz I've alwayz longed for that! My hair is thick, has split ends, is wavy and is frizzy at the top. If it wasn't for my endless detangling of my hair, it would be all knotty and shit by now! Oh yeah, and if anyone's hair is like mine, try growing it long! It is waaaaaay better now than it used to be! Also, dying or streaking hair blonde does not look good on Asians! Instead, use a colour that suits more better to Asian, violet, and brown are good!
As an AA male with an eye for classy babes, I must say that in general the better the woman looks, the shorter her hair. That doesn't mean I go for buzzcuts, but I do appreciate short, sleek hair styles. Much more appealing than hair down to the ass. --Asian Professional Man, 27
This is really weird, but since I was a kid and throughout high school, my hair was very thick and straight. Now it is still thick, but it has become wavy/frizzy! Any clue? i used to get perms in high school, but how can that affect new hair that is growing in?
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i love pantene pro vitamin shampoo and i am not even asian.
I still think that this website is too focused on Chinese people, like they are the only asians. Where the hell are my Pakis at? Driving cabs or what? --Aaliyah
I am a 13 year old Pakistani female and I have long brown/black/red, thick, shiny, straigh/wavy hair and I am proud of it! All kind of hair is beautiful, and assuming that asians all have jet-black hair shows that you know nothing! And plus, natural beauty is ALWAYS the best, because thats the way God made you, and God is the BEST. --Aaliyah (
I would like to comment on people who think that jet-black hair, is always beatiful. I know natural beauty can be pretty, but that is not always true. I've seen people who have jet-black hair, that is shiny and healthy, and yet they look so plain and ugly. Many White people already sterotype asians as, slanted eyes and long jet-black hair. Ofcourse their is nothing wrong with that, but what's wrong with adding a little color and life to you hair. I know that dying your hair too light, can look very trashy on asians, especially blonde. But their is nothing wrong with adding a tint of brown or red to your hair. I think it can even also help to accenuate more of your beauty. Not eveybody feels comfortable in black hair. Just like clothes, you wear, what your most comfortable in. You have to be comfortable with your looks, in order to feel confident and beautiful. Having black hair may be beautiful to one person, but it can be ugly to another, or it can look nice on one person, but not another. The point I'm trying to make is, whatever color you feel most comfortable in and whatever color, you think helps you look more beautiful, then go for it. Black hair, brown hair, whatever. But don't beat down on women who dye their hair. We don't beat down on women, who have black hair, or so called natural beauty. After all, this is America, we don't all have to look the same. You should feel free, to choose, on how you look. Natural beauty, is not always considered beautiful.
I'm a Chinese and my hair is kinda brownish, shoulder length and has been that way for 22 years. And I think that my hair is perfect the way it is. I think Asians have nice hair! So stop whining and be proud of your roots, people!!
I think there should be more salons that specialize in doing asian hair. There may be many on the West coast, but in the Midwest there isn't crap! Everyone knows that asian hair is different than our white counterparts. I wish I could find someone knowledgable about asian hair to cut my damn hair!!! --Kym
N.R. you must have looked really ugly with your hair bleached light blond, being asian. Bleached blond hair DO NOT look good on asians! it looks trashy and tacky, and unnatural, clashes with skin tone and eye color, eyebrow color, etc. Unless you were going for that trashy or punk look, then you make a statement out of it. --From another asian female
I am an Korean American male with wavy hair. You would not believe the looks I get in public even from other Asian folks. Can someone tell me that I am not a freak because I have wavy hair. By the way, I've been called the Rooster, and the Korean Elvis because my mop just defies gravity. --Matt / unusual mop guy
My hair was bleached light blonde and it looked good and I got compliments, but it was hard to maintain (got tired of spending my money and getting touch-ups ALL the time), so I dyed it dark brown. Sometimes my hair can be VERY wavy, sometimes limp and straight, sometimes just full of thickness and body. I use the new Pantene Smooth 'n' Sleek and conditioner by Citri Shine. They really do wonders for hair!- N.R.
i shaved my head, and being bald, i don't use conditioner or shampoo, i just use soap to wash my head. but i have a couple of wigs that look alright on me. i kind of like having a bald head, it is kind of cute. wish you could see it! anyone want to see a picture? teeheee --hairless asian girl
It's too difficult to keep it straight and bouncy
I think that Asians in particular, have really nice body figures, skin tones, and facial complexions. However, the only dreadful part is their hair (me included). Sometimes it feels like pubic hair, and sometimes it's really soft and silky. Our hair gets moody on us! =) Anyway, asians are exotic no matter what they do to their hair; but, long hair always looks much more elegant and beautiful. Plus, you have more hair styling options with long hair. --Mai
My hair is really fine and it goes limp after awhile. I usually combat it by using volumizing hair products and pulling the front part up until I am ready. I like to highlight my hair a little all over. - 24 yr old American/Filipino
daNg daMn haiR maKe mE ???? haIr
What gives? So many beauty trends, products, etc. are geared towards white women. We Asians need more models and styles especially for our texture and types of hair. --29 y/o Filipina who doesn't dye her hair. Natural beauty--yeah!
What do you do with long thick hair that has way too much body? I have used every product possible and can never achieve the glossy straight hair look. At the same time, i don't want to spend a ton of time fretting about it.
Some are too thick!!!>....some are too thin!!!!
I am Korean and i think blak hair is good but I also highlight my hair. It looks good with tanned skin. I think it makes you look healthy. Both are really pretty. --Kristen
I use only Pantene and Thermasilk on my hair. Can I say something about Asian girls and hair color? Omigosh if you are one of those people who dye your hair, you better have the money to keep it up because roots are so damn ugly! It's so tacky to see girls with 3 inch black roots amist the brown/red color. My natural hair color is jet-black. It's awesome. Shining and healthy - I really don't sympathize with girls who dye their hair. If you do it, then keep it up or else you'll just live ugly. It's so mean for me to say that but you know it's so true. --DW's Princess
i just chopped my hair off..its layered but cant be seen..i feel bad...but the curlin iron helps! i love it!!! --hawaiian-chinese and only 14
I don't like those really tight permson usually looks weird...when the curls are looser it's usually fine... And have you ever noticed how Asian parents seem to give little kids all the same haircuts..??? --Jc/Chinese girlie =)
Eyebrows are a big thing.... almost everyone is plucking and using coloured eyebrow pencils to shape them. I think that it looks beautiful.
i really like the way it make my hair silky --BIRDOG31@YAHOO.COM
Too many asians out there are dying their hair lighter colors--such as blond, brown or red, and that makes them look very 'colorful' and ugly....reason being is because, most of the times they dont pay attention to the color of their eyebrows which is jet black. Now jet black eyebrows DO NOT match with blond/brown hair..and especially black roots is quite unnattractive...
another thing is that, their dyed hair will not match with their pubic hair, which is in most cases please girls(and guys too),, leave your hair the natural color it is..have a litle bit of originality. natural beauty is the most beautiful of all....
the last point i want to make is that i think that girls look better with long hair, at least longer than neck length...looks very feminine and delicate....a short bob will look healthy but only will it look "pretty" if she is GORGEOUS.... for round faces---go for shoulder length hair cuts, thin, oval, or long shaped faces look good in flowy long hair....long hair just seems so earthy, beautiful and natural to me....also compliments the body. If you have long and narrow eyes, also go for the long hair, round big eyes--shoulder length.... --Jane19, viet-am female
don't blow dry long hair! Braid at night. Braids are your friends, it is a good way to get waved hair without stressing your hair with chemicals. --Island Diva
I'm 28 and Asian. I had straight, all-one-length, below-the-shoulder hair until recently. It never reeallllly looked good - dry AND limp AND made me look unkempt. My little sister and Mom would always say "do something about your hair" every time I went home to visit. My sister even wanted to get me on Oprah Winfrey so I could get a make-over!! Even when I would "do something", like curl it with the iron, it still looked bad, but I couldn't bring myself to cut it because I thought I would lose my sex appeal. I thought a short cut would make me look like an old lady or a little boy. I also wanted wash-n-go type hair and I thought short hair would take more effort in the morning. Well, one day about 2 months ago, I went in for a trim and my hairdresser said "what happened to your looks awful". I had been running around in a pony-tail and baseball cap that day, so yeah, I could understand why she thought I looked especially bad...but her comment drove me over the edge. I decided to just have her whack off all of my hair. I was so tired of it. She gave me a cut that looks like Winona Ryder's except with long bangs. It looked great! People at work say I look so much more ALIVE, younger, healthier, AND professional. And all I do is wash my hair in the morning and slick on some pomade to keep it from "poofing". So. Don't be afraid to try short hair. I'm really glad I did.
Favorite Shampoo: Aveda; Favorite Conditioner: Biolage
Favorite Shampoo: Herbal Essence; Favorite Conditioner: Herbal Essence
Favorite Shampoo: Pantene Pro V; Favorite Conditioner: Pantene Pro V
Favorite Shampoo: Herbal Essence; Favorite Conditioner: Herbal Essence
Favorite Shampoo: Pantene Pro V
Favorite Shampoo: Herbal Essence; Favorite Conditioner: Herbal Essence
Favorite Shampoo: Paul Mitchell, Favorite Conditioner: Pantene Pro V, Paul Mitchell
Nuts to you all! I have short-short hair because while it doesn't look great, it looks less bad than all the other styles on me, and it takes waaay less maintenance. Give me convenience over vanity every time.
Favorite Shampoo: Kanebo Naive Shampoo; Favorite Conditioner: Aveda; Other Favorite Conditioner: Bumble & Bumble
Favorite Shampoo: HerbalEssence; Favorite Conditioner: organics
its the best hair!!! its strong and shiny u can do anything w/ it
Favorite Shampoo: Pantene Pro V; Favorite Conditioner: Pantene Pro V
Shampoo: Biolage; Conditioner: Pantene Pro V
Well, me, my hair is so course and thick. Sometimes I wish I just had stringy, oily, totally straight, flat hair. I mean, I have some Asian friends, but is their hair all thick and big like it's from the 80's? No! It's only me who ends up looking like a freak.
  • "Generic brands are just as good as the expensive ones. Really!" --Amanda
  • "I have extremely straight hair which is black in colour it is possible to dye hair lighter than reddy tones and make it look good?"
  • --Jenikah, azn, helplessly short, unadorably cute and plain, but azn,
  • "Long hair is too much trouble and looks too old-fashioned for professional women who want to be taken seriously. Besides, shorter cuts take advantage of the natural body our hair has." --Chinese American woman, 34
  • "I like short bouncy haircuts that swing. It projects a confident and put-together look without all the fuss of long hair." --Tall, blonde with super short hair. Heavy -but I carry it well.
  • "Asian hair is so thick and full anyway, I love good old-fashioned Prell which does a great job of cleaning the hair."
  • "Sunglitz made by Farouk. I love their Repair and Shine also, makes your hair super shiny and soft. I like KMS silk conditioner. Makes my hair move when I walk. I think you should try all types of things. But I am into shine. It looks healthy, and with a bit of red & gold highlights you are the bomb, and please don't perm!!!" --Lin;
  • "i like dying my hair. especially the tips. [Worst Headache] it's wavy -- bad, bad, very bad. [Favorite shampoo] PanteneProV -- so nice and it makes yer hair smell nice. [Favorite conditioner] PanteneProV -- makes yer hair so soft and pretty."
  • "hair is hair, nothing special; shoulder-length is best since it can have an natural bounce, real long hair is unflattering since it drags and hangs; causing flat hair effect. putting too much chemicals can due the hair. my best hair treatment is to wash it with shampoo. don't have any favorite shampoos. i like to try new shampoos in the market. If the shampoo is good then there is no need for a conditioner."
  • "what kind of hair cut goes with the right shape of one face? and does it really matter that the shape of one's face effect the cut and style of the hair? shape of faces: round, square, oval, heart and rectangle. does one lifestyle or personally matters with the hair cut such as high maintance hair vs. low maintance hair? what highlights are good for asian black hair? does texture of asian hair effects the highlights such a fine, corse, thick hair. should one go to a salon or buy the highlight from a drugstore? for summer,what is the best trendy short layered hair cut for asian hair?"
  • "[Why shoulder-length is best] Good movement around the face and versatile; [Favorite hair treatment] body wave and velcro rollers"

    Cuts that Flatter Asian Women
  • "Long -- No matter what outfit you are wearing, your hair always looks good, being straight and long."
  • "Short, dark hair is just so assertive and confident! It shows off the gorgeous Asian eyes the most. (Even though I don't have short hair!)"
  • "Long -- It makes them more girly!!"
  • "Long -- many asian women have such nice, smooth, soft hair; might as well have lots of it."
  • "Below-the-Ear -- A great bob is the best way to make your body look long and elegant."
  • "Long -- Most Asian women have flowing, glossy hair, that should be shown like a beacon."

    Favorite Hair Treatments
  • "I know non-Asians who dye their hair black, then they wonder why their hair is dull and not shiny like mine. Why mess with nature?"
  • "komenuka bijin hair treatment"
  • "Highlighting -- Highlighting seem may unhealthy for the hair but I like it doing it once in awhile."
  • "None - Straight is sexy!"
  • "I like black hair with streaks of red.It looks cute but my father said I can't have it because it'll make me look like a gangbanger."

    Worst Hair Headaches
  • "My long hair is very heavy and the weight of it pulls on my temples and gives me a headache!"
  • "Everything"
  • "I hate spending hours to get my hair done before important events. I am seriously considering having it cropped off!"
  • "I look great for a day after I leave the salon, then it's worse than before I went. It's a nightmare and makes me afraid to get a new cut."

    Favorite Shampoos
  • "Permasilk -- Believe it or not, since my hair is really thick, Permasilk makes it really soft and more managable with a lot of shine and bounce."
  • "salon selectives"
  • "johnson & johnson baby shampoo"
  • "Redken -- shampoo for your life"
  • "Phillip B -- Latte is great too."
  • "Herbal Essence -- It leaves my hair really silky, and it smells great!"

    Favorite Conditioners
  • "don't need it"
  • "Permasilk -- Permasilk just's awesome"
  • "salon selectives"
  • "botanical gardens multivitamin complex"
  • "Redken!!!"

    Miscellaneous Comments
  • "yeah man, it was totally wasted. i spent like hours at my stylist and he didn't even notice."
  • "Why does this site try to generalize every Asian as ONE? I understand we want to find clothes that best fit our bodies, and haircuts that best fit our face, but Asians is not collectively 1 face shape - there's a large variation. Different hairstyles will suit different face shapes. Different built/body shape will fit different clothes. Hence I think most of these results are quite useless! They don't tell anything and are too general. Some of these have benefits, such as comments on favourite cosmetics colorings that suit our skin, chances are most of us are yellow-toned, but at the same time there is some difference ranging from light Asian tones to dark tanned skin."
    [Wouldn't your reasoning apply to every poll ever taken? We operate on the assumption that women who see little useful commonality among Asians would simply not visit this site. Conversely, those who visit and respond to these surveys obviously see value in sharing experiences with other AA women. -- Ed.]