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Who is the Greatest Asian Beauty of all time?

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(Updated Tuesday, Apr 1, 2008, 06:09:26 PM)

     Ann Curry - intelligence with natural beauty.

     Kelly Hu.
     That smile, those eyes, that incredible persona. She is a very strong Asian American woman who I see going very far in the acting business.

     Fiona Braidwood, for sure. I'd never heard of her until tonight. Some woman I met online two months ago has been sending me photos of Fiona, claiming them as pictures of herself. You can imagine how smitten I was. Never did get to meet the one who sent me all those pictures, nor Fiona ...

     Gong Li... no one else even comes close. Even without makeup, she's a beauty. By the way, why is it that Angela Perez Baraquio doesn't even rate an honorable mention? After all, it's not every day that an Asian wins the title of Miss America.

     LIZ CHO... abc news is HOT!
    What is her ethnicity? Part Corean?

     Ashwarya Rai- I don't know shes just my sexiest babe...

     Natasha Yi
     There is no other woman in her class!! She is Pure beauty, brains, & bronze!!! There is no doubt in my mind, Natasha Yi will be a household name in a year!!! Keep up the Great work,Girl!!!

     Meg Tilly! And she can write too!

     Would have to be my mother the reason ? She have this really long natural curly hair and her perfect 6 figure that still put alot of teen to shame he..he

     Lucy Liu. Because she kicks ass and made it big in Hollywood. Look at all her tremendous accomplishments, major starring roles in motion pictures, major role in a hit t.v. series, big cosmetic company spokesperson, first full blooded asian woman to grace the cover of a major woman's magazine (Glamour or Cosmo I believe). Too bad the boo birds can only think about what a sell out she is.

     you forgot alot of other asian beauties, such as lucy Liu, is she too asian looking or what. You picked all the westernized american looking asians.

     I enjoy looking at Michelle Reis ( Li Jia Xin ).She's a Hong Kong movie star and she's 1/2 Portuguese and 1/2 Chinese.She's very beautiful and talented.I also admire Mother teresa.She was the greatest beauty.:p Malaysian-Eurasian Gal

     Ami Ayukawa is totally hot!!!

     chinese/taiwanese women are the most beautiful!
    1.vivian hsu!
    2.cecilia cheung
    3.yuki hsu
    4.vivian chow

     jaymee ong is the finest girl ever! she is so beautiful in the Hong Kong movie, Gen. X Cops!

     SYAFINAZ SELAMAT - Malaysian Queen of R&B and Soul ... Woman of the Millennium! She's intelligent and beautiful or in other word ; PERFECT - I 100%agreed with you daydream_daisy! Her eyes .... syyh!???


     sung hi lee for her inhibitions; kimora lee for her ability to be so versatile & open minded; lucy liu for her raw sexiness, & many talents (masters degree, artist, acordian player, martial artist, etc)...

     How about Linda Kim and her performance on Son of the Beach

     I totally vote for DEVON AOKI! Hove you ever seen photos of her? I know there are many many many asian beauties out there, but she is one of a kind!

     CHRISTINE KISHIYAMA - She is one of the most beautiful women - soft milky skin, lucious red lips, alluring eyes, a voluptuous yet slender body and a wonderful sense of humor...easy to adore for eternity.

     what up with all these girls that are half? yes, they are beautiful. why does everyone have a preference for their beauty over a pure asian woman? do we not appreciate our asian beauty?

     I think Debra Lin is the most beautiful Asian beauty.

     Zhang Ziyi
    Sharon Tay
    Kelly Hu
    Julie Chen
    Michelle Yeoh
    I could go on forever

     Kimora Lee. She is biracial (her dad is black; her mother is Japanese). I love Blasiens!

     kimora lee simmons because not only is she pretty but classy and still ghetto...

     Kelly Hu is the best.. there's no doubt about it, she could run for Miss Universe and still win the title. She's the best looking asian woman in history, nobody can compete against her.

     I have to say Kasha. 6 years ago I started buying porn vidoes, & Kasha was the first. I could make a list of girls who are phenomenal, but maybe cuz I'm part Asian, & lived in Hawaii during high school, & did in fact marry a girl from Japan who was a total beauty & fox, I'm prejudiced toward Kasha. She has perfect tits (& large), a perfect body, and all of hair is (dyed?) blond. She is definitave hot, & if I'd pick one girl to be a sex partner, it'd be Kasha. I have to tell myself - dude, don't think you're in love with her. To her I'd be just an average guy I suppose. But Kasha deserves better than what she gets. She could rock my world 'forever'.

     Sharon Tay, Why? Look At her for one, and then read her bio. You'll know why!!

     It is unfair to have to vote for just a single Asian Beauty. There are so many others, not on this site also, but, I came to this site to view the pictures of Joan Chen, so I guess she gets my vote.
# None

     Jaymee Ong. She is only half-Asian, but she still is the hottest. Plus, she has an Australian accent. Cutest face and a nice body too.

     class my ass, Joan Chen looks like a lowly maid , she even got cosmetic surgery on her non-existent nose & it's still flat as a desert, How sad I like angela harry, sung hi Lee
korean fem in dixie

     Jenny Shimizu!!!
    Doesn't fall victim to the "Asian-stereotype"

     Bunko Kanazawa! she the sweet, innocent angel that sends you to heaven, (or hell)

     Thank God someone mentioned JAYMEE ONG!!!!! Guys-go pick up Rave Fever to observe Jaymee's unparalleled beauty(yet horrible acting). Regarding AA actresses, I'm impressed with the progress of Lisa Ling and Kelly Hu. btw-whoever mentioned Kimora Lee has very good taste:)
J from UCLA

     Anita Mui has those eyes and those lips. I found out about her through my brother and sister. They like her music. She has a deep rich voice like Michelle Yeoh. I like a sophisticated rich voice but not a manly voice.
Mario Gullette 25

     These are the REAL Asian Beauties:
    -Amanda Strand (part Chinese, part French; a model)
    -Hinano Yoshikawa (Japanese Model)
    -Kelly Chen (Hong Kong singer/actress)
    -Liz Kong (Hong Kong actress)
    -Maggie Quigley (part Vietnamese, part Irish, French, Polish; model/actress)
    -Michelle Reis (part Portugese/part Chinese; former Miss Hong Kong)
    -Namie Amuro (1/4 Italian, 3/4 Japanese; singer)

     Sung Hi Lee is the greatest beauty period because she has the face, body, the hair, the eyes, and the whole nine. She is the first and only women I have ever given a ten too. Next in line to her is Tamlyn Tomita, Kelly Hu, Lucy Liu, and Marie Matiko. They are the bomb!

     pheobe cates is the most beutiful woman on earth noone can deny that she is hot ...

     Kitty Yung, Jade Marcela, Anisa, Tricia Yen, Miko Lee

     Mia Lee from KCAL9 News in L.A. and Joy Dumandan of Fox News Channel. Both are absolutely gorgeous!

     no question,hands down,michelle yeoh,always and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

     tia carrere....she is sophistiacted and she stands out.

     whoever said Kimora Lee is bright, and charming, maybe charming, but giving up that body to someone like Russel Simmons, and having his Kids, an eventually getting used up and broken up (the guy is 42, and she is 24 not to mention his fidelity, and charming looks).. she is not bright. But what about Lucy Liu.. she is not bad.

     Sharon Tay -- sexiest eyes and lips on TV, what a way to start the morning

     1.Gong Li- there are no words to describe this lady.
    2.Miriam Quimbao- I've seen this lady in tight Muslim threads. Yikes! Her curves are the curviest
    3.Alice Dixson- she's just a nice person and talented beautiful lady. LIKE MY MOM!
    4.Nicci Ricci Algao-she's too sexy for Ms. Universe anyway!
Mr. List

     the chinese girl from rumble in the bronx was so hot anyone no her name.

     1. Shim Eun Ha...
    2. Yuri from Finkl-
    3. Mavis Hee (so cute with short hair)
    4. Tokiwa Takako
    5. Christy Yang (Stormriders)
FL am 19

     1. aishwarya rai
    2. susmita sen
    3. karishma kapoor

     i agree, devon aoki is drop-dead beautiful. never seen anyone quite like her. and tia carerre is beautiful too.

     alrite every body say that and say this but the only hotest gurl is jaymee ong..her body oh so very fine ... thin and small yet with mind blowin brest.. and her lips so smooth o only one word she a goddess and a hot babe

     Definiety Theresa Tilley. In my opinion, she is the only one that even close to looking good.

     Sung Hi Lee. The reason why I think she is the Greatest Beauty period is because she has got it all. Beautiful face, hair, and the dope ass body. She is the only women I ever gave a perfect 10 too.

     check out Trisha Taga on Fox 11 in LA. Gorgeous!!

     Beauty is the eye of the beholder.
    I like Krystal Kno. She is sweet and stands out the rest of these models or actress. She has a unique look. Dun mind if she is an actress, fans surely love her.

     Christina Kishiyama because of her smile and I hear her sister is just as beautiful.

     Is Cori Nadine part Asian? If so, what kind of Asian and how much? From her mom or dad??? Where was she born?

     Michelle Yeoh, cos' she's natural and kicks ass!!
    Yoko Shimada, cos she's so gorgeous, I just hope my wife is that good when she gets to her age!
    Tia Carrere, but isn't she Hawaian? Never mind as ALL native Americans (N+S) are from SE Asia originally.
    Can we include Polynesians? That chick from 'What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?' (the sequel to Once Were Warriors) that plays Nig's girl is 'kin gorgeous!
    Amy yip, for obvious reasons.
    My wife, Japanese, gorgeous, nice big real tits, and a total bitch.
    And Yoko Shimada again...
Rod Johnson

     Satomi Yoshida- the world's cutest and sexiest Japanes beauty I have ever seen
the greatest fan

     I'd say in LA:
    1. Hot Little Sharon Tay - channel 5 newscaster Hottie - I'd believe any news she had to report;
    2. Sizzling Kobe Tai - awesome film star - bring it on babe;
    3. Extreme Beauty Kelly Hu - although she reps Hawaii - she ripped up Marshall Law... why did they take that off?;
    4. Fabulous Moves Cutie Fayth Yoshida - techno-dancer extraordinary - ever seen her beely button? daaaaaamn; and
    5. Musclehead Hottie Kiana Tom - Cory Everson's ec-sidekick. She kicks butt! She can benchpress me anytime!

     Sung Hi Lee is a good example of one of those girls who are ashamed of being Asian and feel that they have to have numerous surgeries (eyes, nose, breasts)to look beautiful in other words "white."

     Has anyone noticed that Debra Lin looks EXACTLY like Lindsey Price on 90210?

     Theresa Tilley is the greatest asian beauty of all time because she has a look in her face, she has a sexy looking legs etc...

     When I see 'Kelly Hu' in the first time, I said to my self "She is the most beautiful women I have ever known!" Her smile can make me fly and she is so nice!

     Bai Ling. Beautiful, intelligent and talented!

     1. Michelle Yeoh
    2. Jun Kusanagi
    3. Coco Lee
    4. Sung Hi Lee
    dude your list is kinda whack because both corwin sisters, linda oneil, and cori nadine have had plastic surgery...and that is truly whack. Jun Kusanagi is a japanese model..check her out sometime. To the oxford soon to be graduate...why don't you drop me a line sometime! :)

     I think Julia Noh...she's quite exquisite!
Girlie Love

     Uhm Jung Hwa...She is incredibly beautiful and talented w/her volumptuous body and sexy voice. Men drool over this hottie. Naturally flawless and dresses well to.